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KARTAR Straw Reaper

KARTAR Straw Reaper offered provides functioning as a threshing machine where it runs the function of cutting, threshing as well as cleaning the straw in one operation. Here, the wheat stalks which are left after combine harvest are cut using oscillating blades while the revolving reel helps in pushing them back toward auger. He process involves stalks being conveyed back into machine through auger & guide drum where it reaches threshing cylinder that cuts the stalks into small pieces against concave.


  • System designed to provide superior separating performance
  • Double blower operating behind rushes straw to trolley and at dame time also separates the dust particles
  • Fully belt operated machine
  • Coming with adjustable cutting height

Technical Specifications

No. of Blower2
Weight2150 Kg (Approx)
Cutting Capacity2-3 Acres/Hr.
Effective Cutting Width2100 mm
Overall Dimension (Working)
Length3676 mm
Width2470 mm
Height2100 mm


Benifits of Straw Reaper:

  • Low fuel.
  • High performance.
  • Straw Reaper is a chopper machine which cuts, Threshes & clean the straw in one operation. The wheat stalks left after combine harvest are cut by an oscillating blades while revolving reel pushes them back toward and auger. The stalks are conveyed into the machine by the auger and guide drum, which reaches the threshing cylinder which cut the stalks into small pieces against concave.
  • It give superior separating performance. The short fragment (straw) fall through the bars of the concave. Double blower operating just behind rushes the straw to trolley attached and separate the dust particles.


Product Details :

No of Blower2
Effective Cutting Width2100 mm
Working Length3676 mm
Working Height2100 mm
Weight2150 Kg (Approx)
Cutting Capacity2-3 Acres/Hr
Working Width2470 mm


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